The Strategies:

  1. Bullet Comprehensive individual and high-performance team coaching events.

  1. Bullet Leadership programs presented in a learning-by-doing format, in multiple    adventure-based venues.

  1. Bullet On or off-site initiative activity-based curriculums which can be completed at any level of physical ability.

  1. Bullet Programs require on-the-spot inventiveness and ingenuity, honor all levels of physical ability, and are transferred to precise “real life” situations.

  1. Bullet These powerful one-time experiences can be followed up by the design and delivery of professional development plans and personal coaching programs.

All of which are highly interactive, delivered indoors or out, half-day or full-day.

We offer one-day experience-based training sessions for corporate teams which uncover and assess the nature, quality and ability of its members, immediately providing the organization with pin-point data for designing flawless professional development plans, and the individual with a powerful real time experience of the specific elements needed in any subsequent change strategy, including on-going personal coaching.

On-going Objective:

To bring about lasting and explicit change leading to increased competencies in achieving and reproducing intentional professional, personal and emotional outcomes.